Marble-resin, Quartz-resin, agglomerates and composite materials

Marble resin surfaces are mainly composed of high-quality marble granulate mixtures, natural pigments, marble powder (95% approx.) and a polyester resin binder (5% approx).

Resin quartz surfaces are made with a mixture of quartz, siliceous sands and organic or inert coloured pigments (95% approx.) plus a polyester resin binder (5% approx).

The mixture obtained is subjected to a process called "vibro-compaction" under vacuum, after which organic or inorganic pigments are added to define its colour. The surface obtained is defined as harder than granite and has a very low degree of water absorption. "

The marble agglomerate is an industrial product, obtained from a mixture of marble chips with polyester resin or hydraulic cement or a mixture of both. Blocks or slabs are made from which various artifacts are obtained, such as kitchen / bathroom tops, tiles, which can be treated and maintained with chemical products dedicated to marble and natural stone.

Marble agglomerate is an industrial product made with a mixture of marble chips, polyester resin binder or cement or a mixture of the two. It comes in blocks or slabs that are processed into different manufacts such as kitchen tops, vanity tops, tiles. They can be treated and maintained with the same chemical products used for marble and natural stones.

Idea Quarzo

Antimacchia protettivo scurente per quarzo resina. Certificato per il contatto con gli alimenti.


Transparent impregnating water-based against efflorescence, salts and discoloration.



Eureka Quartz - Resin

Polishing Gel for Quartz-Resin surfaces

Cera in pasta

Paste wax with exceptional polishing and protective power to polish marble and granite

Preparato liquido

Liquid wax for corners and edges

Super Crystal powder marble

Polishing powder for polishing marble, terrazzo, engineered stones and onyx.

Mastice 2000

Polyesther Mastic for marble and stones


High Performance Mastic

Epox 2000

Epoxy mastic for granite and stones

Epox Premium

Epoxy Mastic "Premium" Super Transparent

Ultra Stripper

Heavy duty cleaner


Neutral Cleaner


Water-based Liquid wax for floors

L&L Wash and Polish

Clean & polish for marble and granite, easy cleaning and maintenance of marble, granite, stones floors.


Antislip polisher


Antislip clean & polish


Liquid wax for polishing marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain .