Marmomac 2022

Marmomac 2022


After a period of absence, Bellinzoni S.r.l. makes its return, with its own stand, to the international event MARMOMAC 2022.

As in the previous editions before the COVID pandemic, it was an opportunity to meet with our existing and potential new customers; an excellent opportunity to "weigh" the Bellinzoni brand which, after a difficult period like that of the pandemic, has always proved to be a reliable brand and in a position to express the highest quality in its products.

In addition to presenting the evolution of our professional product line, now indicated as our Master line, it was also an opportunity to introduce new products such as; PROBACK a pre installation treatment against rising humidity, salts and moistures and PRO HARD, a water based, lithium silicate-based consolidator for concrete, marble and stone surfaces.

MARMOMAC 2022 was also the first exhibition for the launch of our new ProCare line, a line of solutions designed for the treatment, cleaning, protection and polishing of various important hard surfaces such as porcelain stoneware and tiles, marble, granite, stainless steel, terracotta, klinker, parquet, linoleum and PVC, etc.

A line designed to be the prelude of a journey that began in 1937 in the market of solutions for the protection and polishing of stones, today branching off, with the same determination into solutions that interpret the needs and requirements of the market in the best possible way.

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