Self polishing wax for floors, single application, high coverage polisher for high traffc surfaces.


High gloss, single application metallic floor polisher with excellent resistance to wear-and-tear, frequently washed and high traffc floors. The product restores the original lustre and shine to all dull and worn-out surfaces, leaving a protective layer on material. Due to its self-polishing characteristics, the product does not require any further application and on-going maintenance once applied. The product is well spreadable even at low temperatures due to its formulation containing softeners and plasticizers. Eective in correcting minor surface defects, micro scratches and dullness. The product leaves a long-lasting flowery fragrance after its use. Easy surface maintenance due to its “easy clean” effect.

  • Close up: GLOSSY EFFECT
  • Modalitäten der Nutzung:

    Remove debris, dust and previous applied waxes from the surface using XTREME HD CLEANER or SUPER CLEANER. Manual application: apply the product evenly over clean and dry surface using specific microfiber, wax applicator or clean cloth. The application must be on one direction without overlapping or criss-crossing. Wait for at least 60 minutes drying time before walking over the treated floor.

  • Produktausbeute:

    Polished marble and natural stone floors: Approximately 30 m2 - one coat.

  • Packaging:

    1 LT Cod. P116WGMG10L 6 PEZZI , 5 LT Cod. P116WGMG50L 4 PEZZI

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