Zement - Harz

They are defined as technical flooring, initially used in industrial environments and gradually conquered their space in commercial environments and private homes.

The two surfaces are different in all respects and require products dedicated to them, such as protective hydro-repellent or consolidating effect, polishing and detergents.

AQ Proof

Wasser- und ölabweisender Fleckstopp auf Wasserbasis, natürliches Aussehen, für Stein, Terrakotta und Beton.

B 27

Säure-Reiniger Starker Reiniger für Granit, Stein, Beton, Keramik und Steingut

Lem 3

Reiniger für stein Ph-neutraler Reiniger für Marmor, Granit und Stein

Rust Remover - mangiaruggine

Rust Remover - mangiaruggine


Prodotto per il veloce e semplice mantenimento di superfici in pietra naturale e agglomerata.

SPOT REMOVER – il mangiamacchia

Saugpaste Für Stein