Ready to use, 3 in 1 formula. Triple action product for the descaling, protection and *sanitizing of taps and bathroom surfaces.


Indicated for the removal of limescale and heavy water deposits and for the protection of glass surfaces such as shower screens preventing and delaying of new calcareous deposit. It leaves leaving a brilliant finish.Effective solution for preventing limescale build ups. Deep cleaner and sanitizer for daily use, it protects the surface and prevents limescale re-formation. When applied to shower screens and glass surfaces, the product allows the water to run away preventing further calcareous build ups. Ideal for the cleaning and protection of taps and chrome surfaces, plexiglass and ceramics. It removes stubborn soap scum and deposits.

  • Close up: *Hygienising thanks to the mechanical action of the cloth on the surface
  • Method of use :

    The product is suitable for shower screens, tap, sanitary ware, glass and mirrors, bathroom surfaces, ceramics and external glass walls.

  • Coverage:

    Approximately 50-60 m2

  • Packaging:

    750 ml od. P1053DO07L 12 PEZZI

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