Prodotto formulato per rimuovere: residui superficiali, macchie e aloni di stucchi, sigillanti o adesivi a base epossidica. Indicato per la pulizia di fine cantiere e nei casi di errata applicazione di prodotti epossidici.


Specific cleaner indicated for dissolving and breaking down fresh and stubborn (hard, old,) excessive epoxy residues. Special slow drying formulation allows product to be used on used indoor, outdoor, hot damp and humid areas and on sun exposed surfaces. Gel formula. Safe and easy to use on vertical surfaces.

  • Modalidades de uso:

    Apply a thick amount of product using a soft bristle brush directly over stain or residues to be removed. Allow a contact
    time of 30 minutes for fresh stains, smudges and haze. For older, hardened and stubborn stains allow for a contact time of 40 minutes. Allow product to dissolve residues before removing substance using a clean cotton cloth or sponge and water. Rinse surface and repeat operation if necessary. For large areas, use the floor scrubbing machine

  • Rendimiento del producto:

    Approximately 15 m2

  • Packaging:

    1 KG Cod. P034RMX10L  6 PEZZI , 5 KG Cod. P034RMX50L 4 PEZZ1

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