B 27

Heavy duty cleaner, acid based,  for granite, ceramic, porcelain, cement, stones. 

B 27

Concentrated acidic based detergent specific for the deep cleaning and removal of post installation dirt and grime, inorganic residues, limescale, salts and efflorescence, grout haze and cement build ups from natural stone, tiles, granite and from all acid resistant material. Rapid action cleans effectively all outdoor surfaces and pavers removing rust residues and build ups. Highly recommended for the removal of “engobe” or back print from ceramic and porcelain tiles.

  • Method of use :

    BERT 27 must be used on very resistant dirt on strong surfaces like Granite, Pebble, Ceramic Porcelain, Basalt and Cement floors. It acts very well for the removal and degreasing of oily residuals, salt efflorescence or superficial oxidation spot (rust on granite). Dilute the product in pure water, proceed applying using a mop or pour it directly on the part to be treated. For floor application dilute 10/20 ml (one cup of coffee) of BERT 27 in one liter of water, lay the product using a mop, let it work for 5-10 minutes and then rub with brush, abrasive pad or, if available, using a single disc machine (150-250 rpm) equipped with green or red abrasive discs type Scotch Brite®. BERT 27 can be used manually using a nylon brush, scrubbing brush or mop. Rinse with plenty of water. If dirt residual are still present, proceed to reapply the product. Rinse very well with water, brush continuously and recover residual using sponges, cloths, mop or vacuum. For vertical application it is possible to use a brush and then rinse very well using a pressure washer.

  • Coverage:

    To wash stone floors in general is possible to treat 150/200 sqm (1600/2200 sq.ft.) with 1 liter (1 quart) of product. Coverage of product depends on the quality and intensity of soil to remove. For rust, coverage depend of the deepness of the rust, if it is superficial rust due by contact with rusted iron, iron blasting, generally it is possible to clean 30/40 sqm (350/450 sq.ft.). If it is resistant rust it would be necessary a double application. In the extreme case of very resistant rust due by presence of iron in the stone it will be necessary to use the Bellinzoni product RUST REMOVER in Gel (TDS code 075). 

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