Marble and natural stones

 "Marble is the synthesis of a metamorphic process that limestone or dolomite rocks undergo, which transforms the calcium carbonate, of which they are mainly made, into calcite or dolomite crystals. A modification process given by high pressure and temperatures, the rocks are subjected to, a process that almost completely eliminates the fossils they contain.

The modification process is also able to define the colour of the marble, thanks to the crystallization of impurities contained in it, such as iron oxides, sand, silt, clay. The white colour of some marbles is directly influenced by the absence of impurities inside. "

Cera in pasta

Paste wax with exceptional polishing and protective power to polish marble and granite

Preparato liquido

Liquid wax to intensify and to enhance marble and granite, exceptionally useful for corners . 


Liquid wax, with silicone, for manual or automatic polishing of marble, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, stones, gres


Self-polishing for marble & granite, special liquid polisher for edges and bullnose

Super Crystal powder marble

Polishing powder for final polishing and re-polishing of marble, agglomerate, marble-cement floors. 


Liquid crystallizer for marble, terrazzo & agglomerated stones. 


Liquid silicone polisher and color enhancer for marble, granite, stones with polished finish.

Eureka Marble

Polishing gel for polish and maintain of marble and calcareous stones.

Idea HP

Antistain protective agent, natural effect, water & oil proof, for marble, granite & stones

Idea XC

Antistain protective agent, wet look effectwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Idea Dark

Antistain protective agent, extra darkening effectwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Idea Gold

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, with nanotech formulafor marble, granite & stones.

Idea Black

Antistain protective agent for black granites and stones enhancingwater oil proof

Strong 2000

Waterproof consolidating agent for marble, granite, stones, concrete, terracotta and facing bricks.

Block D70 ECO+

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, water based, for marble, granite,stones & ceramics .


Water and oil proof bonding and antiresurfacing agent for weak stones that tend to crumble and exfoliate like limestone, sandstone.

AQ Proof

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, water based, for stone, terracotta and cement .


Antistain protective agent, enhancer and antique lookwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Mastice 2000

Two component mastic for marble and stone, based of unsatured polyester resins. available in different colors.

Astra 24K

Two component, super transparent mastic for the gluing and filling of marble and stone


Two component mastic most useful to glue and fill THASSOS and other cristalline marble.


Two component mastic with exceptional strength and fast application, most suitable to glue and fill many types of marbles and stones.

Epox 2000

Two pack epoxy mastic, suitable to glue, joint, fill and reinforce various types of granite marble and stones.

Epox Premium

Two component epoxy mastic with high transparency and very low yellowing for gluing, jointing and filling of various types of granites, marbles and stones.

Imprepox Premium

Impregnator with two components, specially suited to the sealing and filling of microcracks capillaries present in expensive marble and granite


Repolishable liquid wax for maintenance of marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


Maintenance liquid wax with antislip additive for marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


Clean & polish for cleaning and maintenance of marble, granite, stones floors, with antislip additive

B 27

Heavy duty cleaner, acid based,  for granite, ceramic, porcelain, cement, stones. 

Ultra Stripper

Heavy duty cleaner,alkaline based, for removal of dirt like grease, smog, oily dirt.


Neutral Cleaner

Rust Remover - mangiaruggine

Rust Remover - mangiaruggine

L&L Wash and Polish

Clean & polish for marble and granite, easy cleaning and maintenance of marble, granite, stones floors.

SPOT REMOVER – mangiamacchia

SPOT REMOVER – mangiamacchia

Idea Stonager

Antistain color intensifier protective agent color intensifier for marble, granite & stones


Transparent impregnating water-based against efflorescence, salts and discoloration.




Specific silicone sealant low modulus for marble, granite, stones.

Epox rapido

Bi-component, transparent, flexible epoxy glue with rapid hardening