Specific silicone sealant low modulus for marble, granite, stones.


Professional one component neutral curing silicone sealant. Odorless and not corrosive. Excellent weathering resistance. Its chemical composition is indicated for expansion joints (movement according factor 25% (LM25) as per EU standard), sealing of façades, sanitary ware, washbasin, mirrors, glass in contact with natural stones. The product has a good bond and doesn’t need a primer. The formulation does not leave stains on natural stone or porous substrates. It’s formulation have been improved with anti mould additive. For indoor and outdoor application.

Certifications: EN 15651 -1 : F-EXIT-INT-CC, EN 15651 -2: G-CC ,EN 156561 -3: S EN 15651 -4: PW-EXT-INT-CC

  • Method of use :

    Clean the surface from dust, oil, grease, release agents, cement or other debris that may prevent good adhesion. Apply using a regular caulk gun. In the majority of materials no primer is necessary, on some particular case, it would be necessary to use a specific primer (Marmo Prim)

  • Coverage:

    Coverage depends to the thickness of the joints, see technical data sheet

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