Neutral Cleaner


Deep cleaning of marble and granite without removing the natural sheen or damaging the surface has always been a problem. LEM-3 is the solution! Diluted in water in suggested ratio. LEM-3 acts vigorously against dirt and delicately with the material to be cleaned.Pleasantly perfumed and with the pH factor specifically studied for a deep cleaning of marble or any other stone material without damage, this is surely the detergent for the professional.

  • Method of use :

    For manual floor application dilute 30-50 ml (2-3 tablespoon) of product directly in a bucket of water, mix well and then proceed in cleaning the surface using a scrubbing brush with soft cloth. Once floor is clean, let it dry. For big areas dilute the product directly in tank of automatic washing machine or a single disc polish machine equipped with green Scotch Brite® pad and proceed to clean the floor. If it is available, recover dirty water using a vacuum for liquid. This process avoid that dirty water could enter into stone porosity. For very resistant soil repeat the application or use a stronger product (suggested our Cleaner ULTRA STRIPPER). Let the floor dry before walking on it. 

  • Coverage:

    To wash stone floors in general is possible to treat 250/300 sqm (2700/3200 sq.ft.) with 1 liter (1 quart) of product. Coverage of product depends on the quality and intensity of soil to remove.

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