An innovative product line for all surfaces

The offer of new and more performing flooring materials dedicated to both internal and external areas of residential, public and commercial environments has always conditioned the development and study of new products dedicated to their protection, polishing and maintenance.

A continuous effort that, hand in hand with the latest technological innovations, has pushed Bellinzoni to search for new formulations to develop high-quality solutions oriented towards an environmental sustainability.

A mission that has given the first results with the creation of our new ProCare line, a range of products, over 50 different solutions, intended for various surfaces such as porcelain stoneware, wood, marble, granite, terracotta, WPC, laminates, steel, glass and concrete.

Innovative, easy to apply solutions with high performance, developed thanks to Bellinzoni’s experience in surface care solutions gained in over 85 years of collaboration alongside major producers, distributors, artisans, tilers and applicators.

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