Indicated for the protection of cementitious based joints from oil and water-based stains and from dirt and grime build up. 


Indicated for the protection of cementitious based joints. Protects tile joints from oil and water-based stains and from dirt and grime build up. Prevents the future formation of mildew preventing all moisture and water absorption. The product does not change or alter the natural colour of the joints and allows the treated surfaces to be maintained and clean easily.

  • Close up: EASY CLEAN
  • Modalidades de utilização:

    Remove all dirt, grime, mildew or previous treatments using the product B-GTX (cod. P104). Apply to clean and dry surfaces by spraying the product directly to the area at a 5-10cms distance. Spread uniformly with a brush if required. Allow to dry completely for 12 hours for a complete surface protection. On porous surfaces, if needed, apply a second time before the first application has dried.

  • Rendimento do produto:

    Approximately 700 – 900 linear metres

  • Packaging:

    750 ml od. P114CPJ07L 12 PEZZI

Pedido de informação
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