Spray A2

Spray for Bronze and metals

Spray A2

A2 is a silicone-based spray polish for the daily care of bronze, steel and polished metals in general. It does not contain solvents and does not damage the varnish or patina of modern bronzes. A2 SPRAY leaves a very fine layer of pure silicone over the material, waterproofing, giving a sheen and reviving the colour. It does not contain CFC and therefore does not endanger the ozone layer.

  • Instruction for use:

    Spray at 25 cm distance from the area to be treated; if very dusty, spray at 5-10 cm and apply more product; then wipe using a soft clean cloth until material is dry and clean. In case of very dirty metal, it is suggested to clean or brush before, in order to remove part of visible impurities.

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