Used to make the surface spectacular and uniform by reducing their porosity. Polisher can be in powder, paste, liquid, gel or spray form. They can give different look the surfaces like natural, antic and highly gloss.

Cera in pasta

Paste wax with exceptional polishing and protective power to polish marble and granite

Preparato liquido

Liquid wax to intensify and to enhance marble and granite, exceptionally useful for corners . 


Liquid wax, with silicone, for manual or automatic polishing of marble, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, stones, gres


Self-polishing for marble & granite, special liquid polisher for edges and bullnose


Liquid silicone polisher and color enhancer for marble, granite, stones with polished finish.

Eureka Granite

Polishing Gel for Granite

Eureka Marble

Polishing gel for polish and maintain of marble and calcareous stones.

Eureka Grès

Polishing Gel for Gres Surfaces

Eureka Quartz - Resin

Polishing Gel for Quartz-Resin surfaces

Super Crystal powder marble

Polishing powder for final polishing and re-polishing of marble, agglomerate, marble-cement floors. 

Super Crystal powder granite

Cristallizzante in polvere per granito e pietre dure.


Liquid crystallizer for marble, terrazzo & agglomerated stones. 

Spray A2

Spray for Bronze and metals


Repolishable liquid wax for maintenance of marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


Maintenance liquid wax with antislip additive for marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


Clean & polish for cleaning and maintenance of marble, granite, stones floors, with antislip additive


Cleans and polish marble and granite