Liquid silicone polisher and color enhancer for marble, granite, stones with polished finish.


Silicon based polisher LUCIDO is easy and fast to apply, suitable for the fine polished surfaces and it enhances the stone colour and shining. Its best features are the easy usage and immediate effect in fact you just have to apply LUCIDO on the stone, wait 5- 10 minutes then rub with a cloth and you will get the desired result.

  • Method of use :

    Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off otherwise they will be harder to remove after protection. Application of LUCIDO can be done by brush or by roller. After 10 minutes rub with a clean cloth to remove excess of product and obtain the desired effect. 

  • Coverage:

    With 1 liter (1,05 quart) of product, it is possible to treat 20/30 sqm (210/320 sq.ft.), depending on material finish and porosity.

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