Repolishable liquid wax for maintenance of marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


A warm, dry and long-lasting polish can be achieved with RR/1 which will last through several cleaning operations. It is a highly concentrated product so it can be heavily diluted in water, making it very economical to use. RR/1 is also pleasantly perfumed. It provides long-lasting resistance to damage from foot traffic and does not leave patches. It does not contain any of the resins that cause unsightly films.

  • Method of use :

    Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off. On floors that have deposits of previous waxes, clean with Wax Remover DECER-DOS. Spread the wax, diluted 1 to 20 in lukewarm water (1 dosing cap in 1 liter of water), using a damp cloth, a wax spreader fleece or a mop. Allow the wax to dry without walk over it, then vigorously rub with a woolen cloth or buff with household polishing machine or with a floor machine equipped with white polishing disc. Periodic cleaning must be done with our neutral Detergent LEM-3. After these washings the wax can to be polished as described above. Repeat applications periodically.

  • Coverage:

    For the polishing of polished marble and granite after grit 800, one liter of product can treat from 150 to 250 sqm (1600 to 2700 sq ft)

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