Waterproof consolidating agent for marble, granite, stones, concrete, terracotta and facing bricks.


Clear silossane consolidating and water - proof agent, suitable to protect building and stone manufactured parts against water and moisture penetration, also to save them from acid rains. STRONG 2000 has also a consolidating action on friable and corroded stones, so it avoids calcarization and the stone trasformation into a crumbling mass. It is completely invisible and treated surfaces will remain like original, without showing glossy or wet look.

  • Method of use :

    Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off otherwise they will be harder to remove after protection. Application can be done by brush, by roller or by spray gun. It is suggested, when possible, to apply the product by brush because it allows the product to penetrate better into the stone. Application of STRONG 2000 by brush, making pressure, will facilitate penetration into frames and cavities. Continuously repeat the application, without interruption, until the stone has been saturated (the stone does not absorb further product). During the application and subsequent drying, the temperature of the substrate should be between 10 and 30°C. In case of application on floor with underfloor heating system, turn off heating and allow the stone to cool completely. 

  • Coverage:

    For the protection of polished marble and granite, one liter of product can treat 15 to 25 sqm (160/270 sq.ft.), depending on the absorption and degree of finish of the material. In case of calcareous stone, limestone, sand stone, concrete polished or grinded after grid 800, with 1 liter of product it is possible to treat 10/15 sqm (110/170 sq.ft.).

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