Used to protect the surface making it water and oil repellent in case it comes in contact with a staining agent, organic or inorganic. Furthermore, the protective products, in addition of being water and oil repellent, can give the surface different aesthetic look such as natural, wet, antic, extra darkening, total black. In addition, they can improve the physical characteristics of the surface by consolidating it or by preventing efflorescence (against the surfacing of mineral salts and impurities).

Idea HP

Antistain protective agent, natural effect, water & oil proof, for marble, granite & stones

Idea XC

Antistain protective agent, wet look effectwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Idea Dark

Antistain protective agent, extra darkening effectwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Idea Gold

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, with nanotech formulafor marble, granite & stones.

Idea Black

Antistain protective agent for black granites and stones enhancingwater oil proof

Strong 2000

Waterproof consolidating agent for marble, granite, stones, concrete, terracotta and facing bricks.

Block D70 ECO+

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, water based, for marble, granite,stones & ceramics .


Water and oil proof bonding and antiresurfacing agent for weak stones that tend to crumble and exfoliate like limestone, sandstone.

AQ Proof

Antistain protective agent, natural effectwater oil proof, water based, for stone, terracotta and cement .


Antistain protective agent, enhancer and antique lookwater oil proof, for marble, granite & stones.

Idea Stonager

Antistain color intensifier protective agent color intensifier for marble, granite & stones

Idea Quarzo

Impregnating protective agent, solvent based, suitable for protective treatment of quartz surfaces.


Transparent impregnating water-based against efflorescence, salts and discoloration.