Antistain color intensifier protective agent color intensifier for marble, granite & stones


IDEA STONAGER is a product specifically studied to protect, intensify the color and give an antique look to stones marble, granite and artificial stones. Its typical application is on unpolished stones such as sand-blasted, bush-hammered, rough, flamed or honed ones. IDEA STONAGER protects against stains due to oils, greases, humidity and prevents formation of mildew.

  • Method of use :

    Apply IDEA STONAGER evenly on clean surfaces by micro-fiber cloth or appropriate tool taking care not to make excess of product. If the material is very porous or to enhance more the color, reapply IDEA STONAGER within 1 - 2 hours. In case of excess of product due to an abundant application, it is possible to remove it rubbing the surface with a micro-fiber cloth within 30-60 minutes. In case of floors wait 24 hours before walking. Keep in the original packaging. For professional use only. Make a test before use

  • Coverage:

    For the treatment of rough granite, one liter of product can treat 8 to 12 sqm (80/140 sq.ft.), depending on the absorption and degree of finish of the material.

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