Liquid crystallizer for marble, terrazzo & agglomerated stones. 


It is now easy to renew a long-lasting sheen and to harden the surfaces of marble and stone agglomerates without using wax or resin. Just use VETRO-GLASS crystallizer. A thermo-chemical reaction known as “crystallisation” is obtained by the use of a single-disc polishing-machine which lets the calcium carbonate (a natural marble component) to be dissolved by mild acids and mixed with vitrifying agents produces a shiny and extremely hard surface that looks like glass. Porosities are completely sealed, and the floor becomes much more resistant to traffic.

  • Method of use :

    Wash the floor thoroughly (we recommend to use our concentrated Detergent LEM-3); in case of very damaged floor or with dirt difficult to remove use our Cleaner Degreaser ULTRA-STRIPPER; rinse it well (traces of old wax or grease must be completely removed) and let it dry. Apply the product with a sprayer and moisten the surface to be treated (from 1 to 3 m2 ). Immediately pass the Phoenix single disc polishing machine equipped with steel wool or white pad, slowly keep on working till dry. In this way, Crystallizer VETRO-GLASS while drying on the surface will create the thermo-chemical reaction of crystallization. If you want to increase the already excellent gloss and protect it, we recommend the use of our product Liquid Wax RR/1. In case of floor with problems of marked scratches, before crystallization it is recommended a passage with polishing discs FIBRALUX or with a smoothing using DIAZONE diamond disks. 

  • Coverage:

    For polishing of marble floors, with 1 liter (34 oz / 1 quart) of product it is possible to treat from 80 to 100 m2 (870/1075 sq.ft.) of floor. Coverage could change in dependence of the condition of the floor and type of material.

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