Liquid wax, with silicone, for manual or automatic polishing of marble, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, stones, gres


A polishing liquid containing a special modified silicone. Dries very quickly. This product has been specially formulated for the use with automatic line waxing machines to protect and polish marble, granite, agglomerate slabs and tiles and also terrazzo and ceramic tiles. Its special formulation permits also the use by hand to polish and protect internal and external walls, skirtings, risers and monuments.

  • Method of use :

    It is used either by hand or by machine. Spread VX-SL evenly over the surface, that must be thoroughly clean, dry and free of dust. Let dry about 5-10 minutes (depending on temperature). To obtain a brighter glossy it is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth or fine steel wool (not soaped), or with a brush. It is suitable to polish external wall. For automatic polishing it is possible to use a low speed (max. 2000 rpm) orbital sander equipped with felt disc or headset in cloth. In case of application on floor, the polishing is carried out with a single disc machine equipped with steel wool or floor polishing machine with polishing headset or steel wool. VX-SL is particularly suitable for application in production line of slabs, strips and tiles. The application is possible when on the production line is installed an automatic waxing machine equipped with 1 electric fan to dry the material before waxing, 1 automatic timer-dispenser for the regulation of quantity and frequency of emission of wax, 1 waxing machine head for the homogeneous distribution, 1 electric fan for drying the coated wax, 1 or 2 polishing heads with brushes.

  • Coverage:

    For the protection of polished marble and granite, one Kg. of product can treat from 25 to 30 sqm, depending on the absorption and degree of finish of the material.

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