Two component mastic for marble and stone, based of unsatured polyester resins. available in different colors.


Two pack mastic for marble and stone, based of unsatured polyester resins. It hardens quickly after adding its hardener. It has good adhesive power , it is available in different colors; liquid and solid version. The product is specifically formulated for marble repair, filling, gluing and joint adhesions. The product can be used for filling gaps between metallic accessories and stones when mechanical fixing is used. After harderning, it can be worked as the stone. It can be coloured by using Bellinzoni colour paste tubes and colour oxide powders. It is resistant to most of the chemicals such as oils, fats, detergents, solvents, etc

  • Method of use :

    The area to be glued or filled must be clean, perfectly dry and dust free. Add 2% of paste hardener in weight to the mastic, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained and apply with a spatula on horizontal or vertical surface. In cold season, it is possible to increase quantity of hardener up to 3%. Once hardened after a couple of hours, the mastic can be grinded and polished. For materials with porosity or very big holes (Travertine) we suggest to make a second application.

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