Used to bind, glue, fill surfaces of marble, granite, natural stone, agglomerates, marble resin, quartz resin, ceramic. They can be polyester resin, epoxy vinyl ester, epoxy and epoxy acrylate based. They come in transparent, coloured version or with specific dyes.

Mastice 2000

Two component mastic for marble and stone, based of unsatured polyester resins. available in different colors.

Astra 24K

Two component, super transparent mastic for the gluing and filling of marble and stone


Two component mastic most useful to glue and fill THASSOS and other cristalline marble.


Two component mastic with exceptional strength and fast application, most suitable to glue and fill many types of marbles and stones.

Epox 2000

Two pack epoxy mastic, suitable to glue, joint, fill and reinforce various types of granite marble and stones.

Epox Premium

Two component epoxy mastic with high transparency and very low yellowing for gluing, jointing and filling of various types of granites, marbles and stones.

Imprepox Premium

Impregnator with two components, specially suited to the sealing and filling of microcracks capillaries present in expensive marble and granite