Highly concentrated 2-in-1 detergent and polish for the daily cleaning and maintenance of hard floors.


Specific mix of cleaning and wax components, making product suitable for the regular maintenance and waxing of surfaces in one step. Product leaves no surface residues, streaks and does not damage material. The solution enhances the natural colour of surface, while protecting floors from potential shoe prints and scuffs. Due to its controlled foam formula the product is suitable for used with automatic floor scrubbers. No rinsing required. Long-lasting lavender fragrance.

  • Close up: GLOSSY EFFECT
  • Modalidades de utilização:

    Manual application: dilute 30 ml (3 caps) in 1lt of water and proceed to wash floor using traditional wet mop system, micro-fibre or cotton cloth. Allow surface to dry completely before polishing with a clean, dry cloth to enhance the shine (optional). Automatic floor scrubber: dilute 20 ml (2 caps) in 1lt of water and proceed to wash floor using white nylon pad. Polishing surface to obtain surface gloss (option). Note: 1 cap = 10ml

  • Packaging:

    1 LT Cod. P024WPMG10L  6 PEZZI, 5 LT Cod. P024WPMG50L 4 PEZZI

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