Maintenance liquid wax with antislip additive for marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated marble.


Liquid wax based on natural and synthetic waxes, its special formula gives reduced slipperiness compared to traditional waxes. Suitable for all kind of marble, granite, terrazzo and ceramic floors. It gives a brilliant-warm sheen.

  • Method of use :

    Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off. On floors that have deposits of previous waxes, clean with our ULTRA STRIPPER (TDS N° 061). Spread the wax, diluted 1 to 10 in lukewarm water, using a damp cloth, a wax spreader fleece or a mop. Allow the wax to dry without walk over it, then vigorously rub with a woolen cloth or buff with household polishing machine or with a floor machine equipped with white polishing disc. In order to maintain a low slipperiness, maintenance must be done with our Antislip Wash&Polish AS22. Repeat applications periodically.

  • Coverage:

    For the polishing of polished marble and granite after grit 800, one liter of product can treat from 100 to 200 sqm (1100 to 2150 sq ft). 

  • Packaging:

    Per la lucidatura di marmi e graniti lucidi o levigati oltre la grana 800 con un litro di prodotto si possono lucidare 100/150 m2 .

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