Protective for wood decks (cleans, protects and polishes)


Indicated for extraordinary deep cleaning of oil treated external decking. Thanks to its beeswax-based formulation, the product nourishes and protects the decking preserving its natural beauty over time. Easy to use, the product does not leave smudges or films on the surface and gives a warm natural finish to the wood.

  • Close up: WITH BEES WAX
  • Modalidades de utilização:

    Apply to clean, dry and dust free surfaces. Dilute 50ml of product into 1 lt. of water. Clean the surface using a well squeezed mop, microfibre cloth or pad. Once dry it is possible to walk over the cleaned area straight away. For a higher gloss buff the floor with a dry soft cloth. Keep the product in its original container. Test on a hidden area first to assure the wood react adversely to the product. 1 cap = 10ml

  • Rendimento do produto:

    100 m2

  • Packaging:

    1 LT Cod. 1313AD10L 12 PEZZI

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