Sigillante siliconico monocomponente a polimerizzazione acetica


ACESIL a single-component, acetic-polymerised silicone sealant, particularly suitable for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces and non-porous substrates such as glass and aluminium. ACESIL is suitable for glazing and prefabricated surfaces. It can be used in production, for assembly in the prefabrication phase or directly on site. ACESIL is used to form a flexible and waterproof seal between non-porous substrates such as glass, joint between sanitary ware and ceramic tiles, metals, aluminium. For particular uses (swimming pools) the sealing must necessarily be carried out with a primer. We recommend the use of the PRIMER suitable for this use. Restrictions: not suitable for building materials that exude oils, solvents or plasticizers. ACESIL should not be used for applications in completely enclosed spaces, as it requires atmospheric humidity to polymerise. It is not recommended to apply it in total immersion in water without special measures (primer) and on surfaces with which the acetic acid released during polymerization can react (e.g. cement, concrete, some metals, mortar, etc.).

  • Modalidades de utilização:

    ACESIL is ready for use. After proper preparation of the joint and masking, the sealant is extruded on site and rectified within 5 minutes. The masking tape is removed immediately and the excess sealant is removed with a dry cloth. The surfaces to be sealed must be dry, free of dust or other contaminants. Clean metals surfaces with a cloth soaked in solvent; use alcohol for glass. In case of plastic materials, consult the manufacturer about the appropriate cleaning process, ACESIL adheres directly to the largest part of the non-porous substrates, glass and anodised aluminium without primer. If in doubt, use the primer. As a rule, the depth of the sealant should not exceed half the width of the joint. Under no circumstances should the depth of the sealant be greater than the width of the joint (e.g. for a joint of 25 mm, the recommended depth is 10 mm). For optimum performance, the depth of the sealant should not be less than 3 mm or more than 10 mm.

  • Rendimento do produto:

    Coverage depends to the thickness of the joints, see technical data sheet

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