Crystallizer and periodic gloss maintainer for marble, terrazzo & agglomerated stones


Product indicated for the crystallization of marbles, marble agglomerates, marble- cement, terrazzo and limestone floors to obtain a high durable surface gloss and restoring the beauty of the material. Periodic use of product increases surface hardness and resistance to potential absorption, foot traffic, scratches and marks. Suitable for use a periodic floor buffing and gloss maintenance to increase surface shine of material.

  • Method of use :

    Wash the floor thoroughly (we recommend to use our concentrated Detergent LEM-3); in case of very damaged floor or with dirt difficult to remove use our Cleaner Degreaser ULTRA-STRIPPER; rinse it well (traces of old wax or grease must be completely removed) and let it dry.

    Apply the product with a sprayer and moisten the surface to be treated (from 1 to 3 m2). Immediately pass the Phoenix single disc polishing machine equipped with steel wool or white pad, slowly keep on working till dry. In this way, Crystallizer ONE CRYSTALLIZER while drying on the surface will create the thermo-chemical reaction of crystallization. If you want to increase the already excellent gloss and protect it, we recommend the use of our product Liquid Wax RR/1.

    In case of floor with problems of marked scratches, before crystallization it is recommended a passage with polishing discs FIBRALUX PLUS HD or with a smoothing using DIAZONE diamond disks.

  • Coverage:

    For polishing of marble floors, with 1 liter (34 oz / 1 quart) of product it is possible to treat from 80 to 100 m2 (870/1075 sq.ft.) of floor. 

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