Anti stain natural look, water based, odourless, water/oil repellent impregnating sealer it maintains the natural finish to the material, for marbles, granites, natural stone and gres porcelain.


Water based, odourless, water /oil repellent impregnating sealer it maintains the natural finish to the material. Great “bead effect” it prevents water from pooling and protects the surface from moisture and stains in general. It prevents dirt and grime to stick and penetrate the surface pores making it easier to remove the dirt with a neutral solvent free detergent

  • Close up: NATURAL EFFECT
  • Method of use :

    Remove all debris, dust and previous applied waxes from the surface using XTREME HD CLEANER or SUPER CLEANER. The surfaces must be dust free, clean and dry before application. The product is ready to use. Apply a thin coat of product uniformly in one direction using a brush, microfiber cloth, wax applicator or roller. Let it dry for approximately 15-20 minutes before applying a second coat in the opposite direction from the first. Remove the excess product or residues, if any, within 15 minutes from application with a dry cotton or microfiber cloth.

  • Packaging:

    1 LT Cod. P092BLMG10L 6 PEZZI, 5 LT P092BLMG50L 4 PEZZI

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