Heavy duty cleaner,alkaline based, for removal of dirt like grease, smog, oily dirt.


Cleaner with high detergent power for removal of dirt: grease, smog, oily dirt. Is is also excellent for removing any kind of wax like metallic, acrylic waxes, and solvent based waxes applied on floors or façades. ULTRA STRIPPER is indicated for the heavy stripping of floors before grind. It is also indicated to clean grout of tiles.

  • Method of use :

    Dilute 5 – 10% of product in water (50 - 100 ml in 1 liter); apply with a mop/brush or for big areas by floor polisher equipped with Scotch Brite® pad or carbon brush. If some residues are still left, repeat the operation. Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water to avoid the drying dirt to settle again in the joints and gaps and if possible remove the water with the vacuum. Application on vertical surfaces (indoor or outdoor wall claddings, columns, statues etc) is possible using a brush or by soaking an abrasive pad like Scotch Brite® or with GEL STRIPPER. Spread the product and then rub hard with the pad or brush over the same surface. Rinse well. For vertical application and mainly building façades it is possible to use a brush and then rinse very well using a pressure washer or put directly the product (diluted in water) into the tank of the machine.

  • Coverage:

    To wash stone floors in general is possible to treat 200/250 sqm (2200/2700 sq.ft.) with 1 liter (1 quart) of product. Coverage of product depends on the quality and intensity of soil to remove.

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